BABYMAMA is a new food new series for new mamas with easy to prepare recipes, tips and tricks to nourish you for 40 weeks and beyond.

Dean Sheremet and Vanessa Black are an LA based creative team. A chef and filmmaker respectively, they break down the walls and make food accessible and playful. When they found out Vanessa was pregnant they decided to turn the lens back on themselves and created a 40 week healthy eating program for mamas-to-be called BABYMAMA. 

This series follows a holistic approach to taking care of and nourishing the mother and child from the inside out. All the recipes are nutrient dense and contain all the things that will help both baby and mama grow happy and healthy together 


EPISODE 1 | Collogen Smoothie Bowl

Loaded with color, superfoods and endless possibilities this collagen smoothie bowl is guaranteed to start your day on the right foot.

EPISODE 2 | Brick chicken

Roast chicken with delicious crispy skin and charred lemon pan sauce. 

EPISODE | Ginger Soda

Ease your tummy with this amazing base that turns into countless tasty beverages.


Cravings and pickles go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are 2 different takes to spice up your pickle game.

EPISODE 5 | Salmon Soba

Wait what, noodles that are good for me?


Step up your basic Avo toast.


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